Science Diet Hypoallergenic Dog Food Review

Science Diet Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Science Diet hypoallergenic dog food is one of the most recommended dog foods by vets. However, the brand has faced a lot of criticism in the last few years. Science Diet  is manufactured by the Hill’s Pet Nutrition, United States. What the product claims is really very promising. Let’s check out the claim…

• It is specially formulated to provide 100% of what pets need.
• 0% of what they don’t.
• It’s 100% precisely balanced nutrition.

Despite such a promising claim and recommendation from vets worldwide, people complain about the products not being satisfactory. Let‘s find out if the product is exactly what it claims.

Two of the popular science diet foods in the ‘sensitive food’ category are:


Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Skin dog food
o Price on amazon: $ 45.99 for 30 pound.






Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach dog food
o Price on amazon: $ 45.99 for 30 pounds.





• Both the products have Brewers rice as the first and the main ingredient. Brewers rice is a by-product that is obtained after milling whole rice. In simple words, it is the left-over of a cereal grain. This item can give modest nutrition to a dog. Using such an ingredient as one of the main ingredients is a disappointment.

• Whole grain corn is also present as a major ingredient in the science diet dog food which is considered as an inexpensive ingredient with modest nutritional value.

• Pork meal included is a quality content. It has 300% more protein than the fresh pork.

• Another ingredient Whole grain sorghum, has very less nutritional value similar to corn. One good fact about this ingredient is that it is gluten- free, so it can be accepted due to its quality of maintaining blood sugar level.

• Corn gluten meal found in the product is also a low nutrient ingredient. It is the residue after the carbohydrate is removed from corns.

• Brown rice in the science diet hypoallergenic dog food, is a complex carbohydrate that is easily digestible by dogs after it is cooked. It has natural energy content but for dogs it is not a very nutritional choice.

• We also find dried egg products as an addition to the foods. They are dehydrated eggs that are shell-free. Their quality can’t be stated clearly as it varies. Two good things about eggs are that they have unmatched biological value and they can be easily digested.

• Pork fat can be considered as an average addition as the animal is mentioned and this is necessary to know where the fat is coming from.

• Flaxseeds is an excellent addition to the science diet hypoallergenic dog food. They are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and soluble fiber.

• Fish oil is rich in the EPA and DHA which claim the greatest bio-availability to dogs. Thus, this can be considered a very good addition.

• Soybean oil is a debated ingredient which is considered to cause allergies in dogs.

• The products lack a mention of probiotics that are applied to the food after processing.

• The minerals added, seem to be not chelated. When the minerals are not chelated, it is difficult to absorb them and such minerals are found in only lower quality foods.

Final Words: Science Diet Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Though, the science diet hypoallergenic dog food has gained popularity due to the high-recommendation of vets, customers often find it unsatisfactory after using. The reason may be that it contains many inexpensive products that give less nutritional value to a dog. There are some other ingredients such as Dried peas, whole grain oats and oat fibre that can be considered good but the major ingredients of the products lack 100% nutritional value which the products claim. The second claim that they contain 0% of what dog doesn’t need is also suspicious because ingredient like soybean oil may lead to different types of allergies in dogs. Thus, it is not at all a good choice of ingredient in a sensitive food. When judged on the basis of ingredients, the science diet hypoallergenic dog foods are below average products and not a healthy choice for dogs.

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